White Waterproof Teflon Ptfe Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape



White Waterproof Teflon Ptfe Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape

PTFE tape PTFE coated glass fabric tape high temperature heat tape silicone adhesive tape is the one using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film as base material. Single surface treated and coated with silicone adhesive with excellent heat resistance.

White Waterproof Teflon Ptfe Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape

Naiokos PTFE Coated fiberglass Fabrics tapes are made of high quality base material with PTFE coated and with the pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. All our adhesive types are high temperature resistance Silicone. 

Advanced equipment with 50 meter length gluing machine accomplished the excellent, multi-purpose products.

The smooth surface, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent insulating performance all lead to

the products widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing and electrical industries etc..


1. Chemical resistance

2. Wear resistance

3. High temperature resistance

4. High strength 

5. Excellent electrical insulation properties

6. Good thermal conductivity;

7. Easy fit and no adhesive residue



* For roll wrapping in polyethylene laminators

* For endless belts of polyethylene laminators

* High temperature roller and hopper cove, wrapping work piece

* Insulation of high voltage cable

* Anti-adhesive, anti-corrosion, heat resistant and electronic industries.

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Naikos Industrial is one of the excellent manufacturers and suppliers of white waterproof teflon ptfe glass cloth adhesive tape in China, which is equipped with a professional factory and advanced equipment. We aims at providing you with high quality products with well heat resistance and strong durability which is easy to process. Welcome to buy tapes with us at competitive price.