White Foam Tape VHBstrongest vhb tape



White Foam Tape VHBstrongest vhb tape

White foam tape VHB very high bond double sided tape waterproof
* Base material: acrylic foam
* Color: gray, white, transparent
* For metal, glass, window,door,furniture, automotive, industry bonding
* VHB: very high bonding

White Foam Tape VHB strongest vhb tape

VHB Foam Tape (11).jpg VHB Foam Tape (2).jpg VHB Foam Tape (6).jpg


* Glass wall assembly, very strong for sealing, dustproof

* Construction industry, sealing, waterproof and bonding

* Electronic products

* Automotive industry, decorative strip,nameplate, furniture and label

* Solar Panel


* High strength bonding vhb tape can be used to replae screws, rivet and weld

* Instant bonding

* Flexible and conform to irregular and rigid surface

* Clean surface without using of rivet

* Flexible, easy for die cutting


1. We send sample at most 20mm width roll or A4 paper size for free

2. Customer shall bear the freight charges 

3. Sample and freight charge just a show of your sincerity

4. It is workable to most of our clients Thanks for cooperation