Washi Tape Painters Tape



Washi Tape Painters Tape

Washi Tape use for painters masking. Such as funiture,construction?glass. It can anti UV.

Washi Tape Painters Tape 


Washi tape painters tape is use of high quality washi paper as the substrate, the unique pringt technology, imports of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, made by rolling. Fully in line with the EU’s environmental standards, with a moderate viscosity, 100 degrees of temperature environment will not remain colloid, will not pollute the surface of the product. Printing and paper tape with a precise cutting equipment for cutting, end flat. This product is suitable for gift packaging, stationery office, decoration, children’s hand-made intellectual development, model design and other purposes



Water proof

No residue


Washi Paper —————-
Pressure Sensitive adhesive —————-

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