Thermal Tape For Heat Sink Thermal Conductive Adhesive Interface Tape



Thermal Tape For Heat Sink Thermal Conductive Adhesive Interface Tape

Thermal tape for heat sink thermal conductive adhesive interface tape is filled by high-performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with high thermal conductivity ceramic particle coating made of without the substrate.Between the electronic device and heat sink to provide efficient heat conduction paths to make electronic devices and radiators no longer need to mechanically fixed and liquid adhesive curing fixed.

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product description

Thermal tape is a kind of thermal adhesive double-sided adhesive coated with high-performance thermal conductive ceramic particles filled with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives. It has excellent thermal conductivity and viscosity performance, so that there is no need for mechanical and fixed connection between electronic devices and heat sinks. And liquid adhesive fixed and fixed. Thermally conductive double-sided tape has strong adhesive strength and small thermal resistance, which can effectively replace silicone grease and mechanical fixing

Features and Applications

Thermal tapes are based on innovative formulations and production processes to increase the potential for long-term cooperation. Widely used in heat sink bonding, LED lamp assembly, chips for computers and mobile electronic products, flexible circuit boards, bonding of high power transistors and heat sinks or other cooling devices, bonding of DC/DC circuit board enclosures, etc. And so on, it can replace mechanical fastening, improve production efficiency and provide economic solutions.

Typical uses

High-power LEDs, power modules, integrated chips, power modules, automotive electronics, controllers, telecommunications equipment, thermal components, heat pipe components, motor controllers, communications hardware, handheld or desktop computers.

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The heat sink is fixed on the power supply circuit board or the vehicle control circuit board so that the heat sink is fixed on the packaged chip, which can replace the fixing methods such as hot melt adhesives, screws, and fasteners.


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