Mylar Insulation Tape Fire Retardant Mylar Adhesive Tape



Mylar Insulation Tape Fire Retardant Mylar Adhesive Tape

Insulation mylar polyester adhesive tape for transformer or battery is used in powder coating, plating and anodizing industry to mask areas that do not require coating or plating. It will remove cleanly without leaving an adhesive residue.

Mylar insulation tape fire retardant Mylar adhesive tape


Widely used in switch of computer and TV machine,camera,emergency lamp,energy saving lamp,micro-engine,capacitor and kinds if wire roll and insulation bonding of power electric high and low frequency transformer.


? Fire resistance

? Insulation resistance

? Non-toxic

? Non-residue


Green, Red, Yellow, Clear, Blue…

Mylar Insulation Tape for Transformer (2).jpg



Width:Maximum width 1270mm.(Can be Customized)

Length:33m/50m/66m(Can be customized).

Custom Sizes:If you need customized sizes or die cut parts please feel free to contact NKS sales representative

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