Hotmelt Double Sided Jumno Roll Tissue Paper Adhesive Tape


Hotmelt Double Sided Jumno Roll Tissue Paper Adhesive Tape

Double sided non woven carrier combined with acrylic adhesive tape consisting a non-woven fabric backing, double side coated with acrylic adhesive, on a release liner which is easily peeled off.

Hotmelt Double sided Jumno Roll Tissue Paper Adhesive Tape

What is Double Sided Tissue Tape?

Double sided tissue tape is acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive on a tissue paper carrier.

That provides dimensional stability,improved handling and ease of die-cutting and laminating.The adhesive provides excellent peel strength adhesion,with good holding power to a variety of surfaces.

Where the Double sided tissue tape used?

Medium-firm acrylic adhesive system featuring high initial adhesion 

Good high temperature holding power.

Nameplate bonding,plastic film lamination/bonding,splicing and foam bonding.

Adhering,joining,affixing,bonding,mounting,holding,lamination and attaching.

Tell me where the tape used for,the professional application solution will be given to you.


1.Nameplates, suitable for bonding nameplates,signs,badges etc…

2.Leather products, suitable for leather bags,shoes etc…

3.Sealing, suitable for express envelope/plastic bags sealing etc…

4.Computer Embroidery;

5.Foam product fixing;

6.Die cutting;

7.Office,School etc…







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