Double Sided Tape/ Double Sided Tissue Tape With Solvent Adhesive


Double Sided Tape/ Double Sided Tissue Tape With Solvent Adhesive

Hotmelt based double sided tissue tape is made of tissue as backing, double side coated with acrylic adhesive, on a release liner which is easily peeled off.

Double Sided Acrylic Non Woven Tape Or Tissue Paper Tape For Leather


Double sided tissue tape is using tissue as backing material and coated with improved solvent acrylic adhesive. It has various thicknesses from 90 micron to 400 micron. The tape is with excellent performances such as good anti-rebounding, anti-warping and high heat resistance. It is suitable for bonding various kinds of backing materials, especially camber surfaces.  


Double S1) strong adhesion

2) Double-stick

3) Easy-tear

4) Convenient and neatided Tape/ Double Sided Tissue Tape with Solvent Adhesive


1) adhere posters, photoes, public notes and envelopes

2) Fixing of ornament hook or signboard

3) Decoration

4) Shoe and leather industry

5) Computerized embroidery


Jumbo rolls: length 1000m, width 1040mm( usable:1020mm)


Specification could be made according to customer’s requirements.

No residue of glue during use, easy to tear,  convenient use, excellent covering effects, good resistant of the damage.


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