double sided kapton polyimide tape



double sided kapton polyimide tape

ESD Polyimide Tape

Double sided kapton polyimide tape

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* High electrical strength

* Peeled off without leaving an adhesive residue

* Up to 500?/260? temperature resistance

* Class H insulation

* Width: custom slit




* Surface assembly, for the protection of golden finger in wave soldering and re-flow soldering.

* For the adhesion and class H insulation of electronic switch, motor, transformer, relay, wires, coil, capacitor and lithium battery etc




Gold finger tape, also known as Kapton tape or polyimide tape. The tape is based on a polyimide film and is coated on one side with a high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, with a single-sided fluoroplastic release material composite or not. Composite two types of materials. High-precision coating to ± 2.5um, no scratches, drawing and other phenomena, good shear, easy punching die-cutting process, with excellent high temperature resistance and solvent resistance!



1.How can I get some samples?

We are honored to offer you samples. New clients are expected to pay for the sample fees and courier costs. But the sample fees will be returned if an order will be placed within one year period.


2.Are you a manufacturer?

Yes,we are. We have our own factory inLinan,Hangzhou a manufacturer our customers are welcome to visit our factory.


3.Do you have any certificates?

Our products have been paseed inspection of SGS. Every worker keeps the QC from the very beginning to the very end,quality control department especially responsible for quality checking in each process.


4.What information shall I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1)The specification of products(length x width x thickness);

2)The temper an alloy;

3)It will be better if you can show us the pictures or design sketch. Samples will be best for clarifying. If not,we will recommend relevant products with details for reference. We usually produce goods based on customer’s samples or based on customer’s picturers,sizes etc.

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