Double Sided Adhesive Led Thermal Conductive Tape


Double Sided Adhesive Led Thermal Conductive Tape

Heatsink double sided thermal conductive adhesive tape is made of an advanced thermal conductive pressure sensitive adhesive. It provides a better way for applications which requires good adhesion strength and superior thermal conductive efficiency. It is suitable to apply to electronic mechanical components assembly,such as heatsink module and LED light bar module to provide a better heat transfer path between heat generating source and heatsink or other cooling devices.

Double Sided Adhesive Led Thermal Conductive Tape

Conductive acrylic foam tape is filling by high performance acrylic pressure sensive adhesive with high thermal conductive ceramic particle coating made of glass fiber cloth on both sides or without the substrate.It has high conductivity,insulation,good flexibility,compressibility,and strong viscosity properties.With adaptability to high temperatures,it can fill uneven surface and tightly bonded to heat source component and heat sink to discharge heat quickly.It plays an important role on electronics,LED lighting,and LED TV industry.


Feature of conductive thermal tape:

1:High bond strength to surface

2:Thermal conductivity in combination with electrical isolation

3:Good heat transfer

4:High temperature stability

5:Voltage resistance

Application of conductive thermal tape:

1:Mounting of heat sink to”hot spot”(processor,motors etc)

2:Mounting of heat spreader to hot devices

3:LED lighting application

4:Electronic equipments

5:The adhesion and fixing of chips and heat sink