Double Coated Non Woven Adhesive Tape Double Sided Sticky Tape


Double Coated Non Woven Adhesive Tape Double Sided Sticky Tape

Double coated non woven adhesive tape double sided sticky tape consisting a non-woven fabric backing, double side coated with acrylic adhesive, on a release liner which is easily peeled off.

Double Coated Non Woven Adhesive Tape Double Sided Sticky Tape 



Color: White.

Good Durability, strong adhesive.Very easy to operate.

Dedicated white double-sided stick tape for mobile phone, stationery,home,office.


* High strength, the tape would not fall apart so that it would be easily peeled off

* No adhesive residue, good adhesion to various materials

* Anti rebound property, suitable for cambered surface

* Various thicknesses for choice

* Stable and Economy

* Heat resistantEquipment



* Shoe and leather industry

* Sealing polybags, fixing photos, and sheet materials

* Adhesion to PP, PE, PU, foam and other materials

* Furniture, membrane switch, nameplates signs adhesion


Release Liner

Acrylic Adhesive


Acrylic adhesive


Closed-cell polyethylene foam construction

Strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces

Conformable tape bonds to irregular surfaces

Directions: Pull desired length, attach to surface and tear by hand avoiding sticky area. Peel backing for final attachment

Please Note: Foam tape is very sticky,recommend to tear off from main roll at desired length and peel backing on the top. Avoid using scissor as tape is soft enough for tearing by hand

Width Sizes

0.2 inches (5mm)

0.31 inches (8mm)

0.39 inches (10mm)

0.59 inches (15mm)

0.79 inches (20mm)

0.98inches (25mm)

1.18 inches (30mm)

1.38 inches (35mm)

1.57 inches (40mm)

1.77 inches (45mm)

1.97 inches (50mm)