Copper Foil Tape With Conductive Adhesive EMI Shielding Tape



Copper Foil Tape With Conductive Adhesive EMI Shielding Tape

Copper foil tape with conductive adhesive EMI shielding tape using soft copper foil as backing, coated with conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Copper foil tape 

Product Name Single-guided Copper foil tape, Doubled-guided Copper foil tape
Model NO. HY500
Material thickness 0.018~0.090 (mm)
Glue thickness 0.032~0.060 (mm)
Total thickness 0.05~0.15 (mm)
Electrical conductivity 33.3 (S/m)
Glue Oily Acrylic
Adhesion force 1110~1250 (N25mm)
Tensile strength 4.5KG (N/25mm)
Elongation at break 5-6%
Temperature resistance 120?

Applications: Typically used to wrap and shield multi-pair process control, computer and instrumentation cables such as Coaxial CATV cables, LAN cables and HDMI cables.



  • Heat preservation, heat insulation, high conductivity.

  • Waterproof, cold and heat resistance, Ideal for outdoor application and durable

  • Strong adhesion and easily peeled off

  • Moisture resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance


1. Current conduction.

2.EMI shielding & anti-oxidation

3.Reduce damage protection Packing

3.UV resistance, flame retardant etc.