copper foil adhesive tape



copper foil adhesive tape

Copper foil non-conductive adhesive tape for stained glass is using conductive copper foil as backing material and coated with acrylic non-conductive adhesive.

copper foil adhesive tape


Copper foil tape is a type of metal tape. It is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding, electrical signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding. The electrical signal shielding mainly depends on the excellent electrical conductivity of copper itself, while magnetic shielding requires copper tape adhesive. Surface conductive material “nickel” to achieve the role of magnetic shielding, it is widely used in mobile phones, laptops and other digital products.


* Heat preservation, heat insulation
* Waterproof, cold and heat resistance
*Good elongation

* Strong adhesion and easily peeled off

* EMI shielding

* UV resistance, flame retardant


* Shielding in housings and Faraday cages

* Cable shielding (Wrap around the cable)

* Temporary shielding during emission and immunity tests

* Antistatic floor (ESD floor)

* EMI/RFI shielding 

* Stained Glass


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