Clear ESD Polyester Anti Statice PET Tape



Clear ESD Polyester Anti Statice PET Tape

Clear ESD PET Tape is a tape consisting of a PET film and silicone adhesive designed for high temperature application and anti-static.

Clear ESD Polyester Anti Static PET Tape


Clear PET ESD Tape is use silver PET film as materials, it is use the high performance adhesive tape for anti-static function. With both side ESD treated, it is recommended to use in the cleanroom and ESD function required places.


• Packing tape for sensitive semiconductor devices ideal for glass and acrylics in cleanroom where conductivity is needed.

• EMI shielding, sealing ESD bags or ESD containers and grounding of shelving units.

• To make resin surface of tools used in cleanrooms conductive.


 Made from durable PET material.

• Reliable ESD protection.



Silicone Adhesive

PET Film


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