Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided VHB PE Foam Tape



Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided VHB PE Foam Tape

Double sided PE foam mounting tape for window and door backing coated with strong acrylic adhesive. It is shockproof, soundproof and airproof. It coheres well to various kinds of surfac

   Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided VHB PE Foam Tape


Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided VHB PE Foam Tape base on PE backing material available , coating on both sides with strong solvent acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive and with PE plastic film/ Yellow silicon paper/white silicon paper/glassine silicon paper as release liner.


 ?  Double Sided Adhesive Tapes With Strong glue on both sided with various  backing material 

 ?  160? High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable 

 ?  Good durability designed for permanent bonding 

 ?  Soft flexible suitable for irregular surface mounting

 ?  Very good conformability perfect tape to bond foam materials 

 ?  Good die-cut material.


1. air handling and acoustic engineering;

2. building and construction;

3. automotive;

4, electronic;

5. furniture and mirror manufacture;

6, glass glazing and conservatory 

7, printing finishing and special package

8, signs and displays.


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